Introduction to Sweaty Smelly Feet

Throughout the average day, the body naturally perspires to regulate heat in the body. In some individuals, natural perspiration is excessive in the feet which results in sweaty feet. This condition is known as Hyperhidrosis and is defined as the production of perspiration beyond what is necessary to cool the body. Sweaty feet can result in very smelly feet! This condition can be a very embarrassing for the affected patient.



Causes & Treatment Options for Sweaty Smelly Feet

Change socks daily or if necessary twice daily, wear cotton socks to absorb perspiration. Wear footwear that allows air to circulate around the feet. Sandals and certain types of trainers can be ideal. Salt water foot baths may be of some benefit.

Sweaty feet and Smelly feet can be an embarrassing condition that causes distress to your family, your friends and affects your self confidence. Callusan Fresh mouse can provide immediate relief by using a unique 4-way action.

(1) Keeps feet dry and fresh,
(2) prevents odours,
(3) stops microbial infections (by keeping feet clean) and
(4) revitalises fatigued skin with nourishing emollients such as glycerine.

Clinical trials have reported that this unique foot mouse stops sweaty smelly feet

Sweaty Smelly Feet


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Callusan Fresh

 Smelly Feet

Recently developed cream mousse products have proven to be extremely successful in treating smelly sweaty feet.

Being in mousse form it has no greasy ointment base, so pores do not become blocked as with conventional products and regulatory skin functions such as perspiration or aeration are not impeded in any way. .

Sek Spray

AS A DEODORANT: it fights against the decomposition of the sweat, impeding its bad smell.

ANTI-PERSPIRANT: it regulates excess foot perspiration, but allows normal sweating.

REFRESHING: with an invigorating effect, immediately perceptible, on tired and sweating feet.

Gehwol Deodorant Cream

very smelly feet

Eliminates strong foot odour with this combination of plant extracts. Contains a highly effective combination of manuka oil and activated zinc oxide for long lasting elimination of strong foot odour. Deodorizes, disinfects and refreshes.