Introduction to Hard Skin

When we walk or stand, our body weight is carried first on the heel and then on the ball of the foot, where the skin is thicker, to withstand the pressure. When this pressure becomes excessive, some areas of the skin thicken, in the form of corns and callus, as a protective response.



Causes & Treatment Options for Hard Skin

A callus, or callosity, is an extended area of thickened skin on the soles of the feet and occurs on areas of pressure. It is the body's reaction to pressure or friction, and can appear anywhere the skin rubs against a bone, a shoe, or the ground.

Most calluses are symptoms of an underlying problem like a bony deformity, a particular style of walking, or inappropriate footwear. Some people have a natural tendency to form calluses because of their skin type. Elderly people have less fatty tissue in their skin and this can lead to callus forming on the ball of the foot.

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The Gel Plus Insoles is ideal in all types of footwear used in high-impact activities. The Dual Gel Shock Modules provide extraordinary protection for the two major impact zones, the HEEL and FOREFOOT. They also feature an arch support to prevent over pronation (rolling over of the feet) which can cause problems such as heel pain, arch pain, back pain and leg pain.

Imperial Corns & Callus Solution

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This is the easiest, pain-free and guaranteed solution for the removal of corns and calluses. The product contains well-balanced ingredients based on lanoline, salicylic acid and walnut shells. 

Foot Kiss 10 Minute Callus Removal Kit

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Anyone with calluses can use Footkiss to quickly, easily and safely remove that unwanted dead skin leaving behind new and rejuvenated skin. Consider it your 10 minute pedicure at a fraction of the price.