Introduction to Bunions

Bunions are one of the most common forefoot deformities. A displacement of the bone under the 1st toe occurs. This causes the big toe to move towards the smaller toes. This shifting of the bones causes a bony prominence on the side of the patients foot (the bunion joint). Over a period of time the big toe may come to rest under (occasionally over) the 2nd toe.


Causes & Treatment Options for Bunions

A Bunion is more common in women than man due to the fact that women tend to wear tighter shoes. This condition can cause a variety of different soft tissue and bone complaints which may result in severe pain. Conditions such as corns, hard skin, arthritis, bursitis and ingrown toenails can occur.

Poor fitting footwear and genetic factors can lead to bunions. The most common cause is abnormal foot function, excessive pronation. If a chiropodist uses this term he/ she is referring to excessive rolling in of the foot at the ankle joint while you are walking. Excessive pronation can be controlled via Insoles.


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Bunion Night Splint

A bunion night splint can be used to reduce the need to use surgical intervention for a bunion joint. This product is used to correct bunions while you are sleeping.

Dr Foot Pro Insoles

Biomechanical foot problems such as over pronation (excessive rolling in of the foot) are the most common causes of bunions. Treat the cause of the condtion not just the symptoms..

Silicone Bunion Shield

It deflects undue rubbing from the shoe, absorbs lateral shock and prevents friction.