Introduction to Ankle Sprains

An ankle sprain is a common foot injury. It can be a very painful experience and can significantly affect a patient’s lifestyle. It occurs due to the ankle twisting and causing damage to soft tissues and ligaments. A ligament consists of several strands of tissue all compacted together to form a strong structure, similar to a rope. An ankle sprain may result in a partial or complete tear of a ligament, which stabilizes the ankle joint. Once the ligament is torn, it becomes weak which in turn causes the ankle stability to be affected.


Causes & Treatment Options for Ankle Sprains

Athletes in various sports are at a greater risk of being afflicted with an ankle sprain. When an ankle sprain occurs, the usual scenario involves the athlete "rolling" his or her ankle while landing from a jump and experiencing a sharp pain on the outside of the ankle. If the athlete can walk on the injured ankle, the likelihood of a serious injury is less, but athletic participation should be discontinued. Shoes should be kept on until examination and treatment. The primary cause of an ankle sprain is over pronation. This can be controlled via insoles.


Ankle Sprains

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